Monday, March 25, 2013

"The Pushing Exercise" - Videos

Here's a short video of me doing "The Pushing Exercise" with a white boxer named Fancy.

I'm doing a couple of things wrong here. First of all, I'm taking too much time with the preliminaries, probably because I wasn't sure if the camera was rolling.  

 At any rate, the process should go like this

a) show the food with an open hand 7 or 8 inches from the dog's nose,

b) say "Wait..."

c) close your fingers and move your hand under the dog's nose,

d) say, "Ready?"

e) open your hand while saying "Okay!" and let her eat. 

Then once she's eating, that's when you should put your other hand against her chest, then pull your food hand away slightly so that she has to push into you while she eats.

This didn't confuse Fancy too much because she loves pushing. But for a dog who's hesitant at first, you have to wait till she's actually eating before you put your non-food hand against her chest.

Also, by trying to scratch Fancy's cheek when we were done, I confused her a little, which is why she started to climb up the stairs.

Here's me doing the exercise, as seen from a different angle. This time I'm doing it right.

Some people like to do "The Pushing Exercise" while seated.

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